What We Teach

What we teach has been created by visionaries for visionaries.

What we teach has been created by visionaries for visionaries.

Are you a visionary? Are you ready to be in control of your future and not simply react to changes forced upon you? If so, you are then ready for our WizButler dynamic booking allocation system, dynamic restaurant ordering system and complete restaurant management solution.

At the core of the WizButler system are the customer, personalisation, revenue enhancement and cost reductions for complete efficiency within your chosen style of service and branding for your restaurant.

Customer-Centric System

Very clearly, if a system is to be completely customer-centric then it needs to start at the first point of contact with your customer and enhance and supplement every step along the complete journey and path the customer follows.

Based on the above, it is very clear that from the moment a customer opens the online booking widget you need to know who they are, and where they like to seat within the restaurant. Your restaurant should be able to offer them a way to personalise their dining experience, otherwise, very clearly you cannot have a customer-centric system.

Secondly, the true “inventory” of a dine-in restaurant is not its tables but its “space” and the allocation of bookings within that “space.” It is not the allocation of bookings to “tables” and “table combinations” irrespective of the “space” but the placement of tables within the space to maximise and optimise the number of bookings that can be taken within the space. As an example, the joining of three tables of two together may well result in the creation of an “empty space” or the addition of a further table of two that can generate additional revenue!

WizButler: The Workable Solution

While the above are well-known problems and easily understood problems, operational researchers, mathematicians, professors, and many others have not been able to solve them. WizButler, therefore, brings you the first-ever workable solution to these problems.  

To solve the above problems, Peter Petroulas, the inventor of the WizButler system pioneered and developed the concepts of “space management” and the “Petroulas volumetric framework” for booking allocations within restaurants and other defined spaces. Coincidentally, creating solutions to these problems.

He further developed the concept of the “booking allocation superhighway” which permits the development of a completely autonomous booking, ordering, staffing and operational online restaurant reservation system.

WizButler’s University collaborations: Giving you the right knowledge to succeed!

To foster and help the development of the hospitality industry WizButler offers collaborations with universities where we provide teachings on our inventions and concepts while allowing students to use our WizButler system for their assignments which incorporates our patent-pending technology that will give future hospitality executives and restaurants the tools for success.

Beginning in 2023, “The Hotel School” at Southern Cross University will be incorporating the Petroulas inventions and concepts of revenue management, capacity management, yield management and dynamic pricing within its Food and Beverage Operations course and Food and Beverage Management course. Futher, WizButler will give students access to the WizButler restaurant booking software to complete their assignments.

If other Universities are interested to join our program in bringing the latest technology to students and give restaurants, cafes, bars and other venues bookable spaces for their best chance of success, they are welcome to contact us for further information.

Our University section, therefore, welcomes you to the brave new world of innovation, change and opportunity and the chance to redefine hospitality.

Peter Petroulas,

The Hospo Wiz

Inventor, Innovator, Founder & CEO