WizButler offers you complete all-in-one hospitality and restaurant marketing solution

Extensive marketing options with integrated newsletters, messaging, CRM & loyalty, URL link builders and promotional tracking

WizButler offers you the ability to recognise, reward and communicate with a customer at any part of their restaurant journey with you.



Why use third party platforms for newsletters when all your customer databases are in your WizButler CRM?

WizButler offers you an integrated and easy to use newsletter templates system with all your analytics with no fixed fees for $5.00 for each one thousand (1,000) email sent.


SMS & MMS are available for communication which can eliminate your phone calls

WizButler has an easy to use SMS messaging for booking confirmations and ad hoc communications with your customers, eliminating the need for phone calls. WizButler also offers SMS and MMS messaging for marketing and promotional activities. SMS pricing is $0.05 cents per message sent (received SMS are free), MMS pricing is $0.50 cents per MMS sent.


Don’t have your own website? Or want a simple-to-use easy to change website?

WizButler can help with its simplified restaurant template and built-in content management with booking, ordering, takeaway and gift certificate widgets for $8.00 per week. WizButler can also help manage your domain names.

CRM & Loyalty

Reward and take care of your regular customers

Own your data and build your customer database with the WizButler CRM & Loyalty App. The app provides a personalised system linking your venue widgets to your customer database, hence. making communication with your customers and rewarding them simple and easy.

URL Linkbuilder

No need to get external assistance to track your promotions

WizButler includes a URL link builder so that you can add it to promotions, newsletters and additional widgets. This way you can easily track the success of your promotions and other marketing activities.