In-Service Orders without the need for QR codes on tables

We teach you what no one else has been able to teach you.

WizButler caters to all different styles of services – fine dining, degustation, tapas, banquette, or simply order and pay.

WizButler is completely configurable to support your individual operational strategy

Ordering and kitchen printing based on your own individual restaurant strategy.

WizButler can handle anything from the most complicated “formal” order of food service to the most complicated wine list.


In-Service Orders

Dine-in, customer ordering options, automatic walk-in and seating allocations

QR code or walk-in bookings at the front door or at the host station. this offers a seamless table allocation process that also incorporates an autonomous “standby” process and messaging system to eliminate the need to manually take “standby” requests and the need for a QR code on a table to access the menu.

Menus are made configurable by the table, section, group size and time with dynamic price changes to give restaurants ultimate flexibility. And this is made possible by the only autonomous restaurant booking software Australia – the WizButler!

Ordering further items in-service can be easily done to supplement pre-orders seamlessly with pre-orders and in-service orders consolidated as required prior to the orders being sent to the kitchen for a complete ordering payments and kitchen printing solution.

Kitchen Printing

Your choice of Preparation Display monitors or traditional paper printing

Customer orders are placed in one or more printing batching processes in accordance with the rules set up by the restaurant for printing to allow for all different types of restaurant service styles.

Also, processes have been incorporated whereby, if an order is not received by the preparation display monitor or the printer a message is sent back to the restaurant’s dashboard for the system so that staff are aware there is a problem such as a printer has a mechanical problem or restaurant’s internal WIFI o internet is not working.