An online restaurant booking system and room service ordering for hotels made easy that is dynamic, optimised and real-time hotels.

WizButler is a completely configurable, customisable and personalised digital transformation and system to support your guest experiences with room service directories and restaurant bookings

Give your hotel guests preference in your hotel restaurants. WizButler’s integrated CRM, configurable booking widgets and dynamic booking allocation system can ensure that your hotel guests are given preferential table allocations, wait staff are notified that they are hotel guests and other information to make their total hotel experience extra special.

Unique Features

Room Service

The WizButler eliminates the need for guests to call a receptionist for a room service. When your guests are hungry or need something from the bar, orders can be made through a simple QR code provided to access hotel menus. The orders are then printed directly to the food preparation areas and the kitchen will take care of the order.

Priority for In-House Guest

The platform allows in-house guests to book your hotel restaurants and pre-order through links on your hotel website, a link added to your guest email, your hotel app, or a QR code. This way your guests will always receive the priority they deserve when using your other hotel services.

Utilise your Restaurant as a Function Space

Utilise your restaurant as a function space to increase revenue with our integrated system that can manage individual and function bookings in real-time.

QR Code Ordering for Guest Services

WizButler QR code ordering system can be used for additional guest services such as ordering a newspaper or making bookings for hotel facilities like the gym, game room or indoor pool.

The WizButler “Butler Service” also allows guests to add additional services such as flowers, pastries or fruits to their room to enhance their experience.

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