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Subscription & Payment

The WizButler Core Booking System has been designed so that it offers all the features a restaurant, cafe or bar may need to operate efficiently and far exceeds the current ability of all other competing online booking systems. From that perspective, the WizButler Core Booking System includes:

  • The Dynamic optimised autonomous and intelligent reservations booking system including the addition and removal of tables

  • The patent pending dynamic booking allocation system

  • The dashboard and dashboard operational functionality

  • Floor Plan builder/creator, with different areas, different classes and sections

  • Menu Creator, so that you can limit menu offerings

  • CRM (without VIP seating)

  • Two completely configurable website widgets and a completely configurable booking form

  • Prepayments, deposits and full payments

The WizButler Core System is a complete system that is far more advanced than any other competing system and can optimise your restaurant beyond the capabilities of any other existing restaurant booking platforms.

However, as the WizButler intellectual property and technology are so extensive there are numerous additional WizButler modules that you could add to the WizButler Core Booking System that would give your restaurant the ability to further redefine its current business, marketing and operational strategies. The decision really comes down to each individual restaurant as to their individual strategy.

Yes, all you need to do is simply log into your account and you can add any extension modules at any time.

After you subscribe fro any additional WizButler modules, this information will be updated and added seamlessly to your existing WizButler Core Booking System within a two-week period by the WizButler team and you will be advised as soon as the installation is completed. When you subscribe to any additional modules you can also request additional training by video tutorials, video conferencing or face to face training.


If you elect for us at WizButler to install and set up your system, we will send you an information package requesting the current corporate details of your organisation, a detailed floor plan of your restaurant, details of your available furniture, your trading hours, menus and other operational constraints within 7 days of receiving your request.

WizButler will then set up your restaurant or group as a client within the WizButler System which will be undertaken within 30 days from the receipt of your successfully completed information package.

Once your restaurant booking system is set up your staff can be trained on your system by signing in to our daily video conference training sessions. Your training and progress with the system will then be monitored over the subsequent two-week period and advice offered on how to ensure that your venue is optimising the benefits of the WizButler system.

Yes, you can. If you select the option of setting up your WizButler system yourself then after you subscribe to the WizButler system and within 7 days you will be your venue will be registered within the WizButler system and you will be provided with log-in details so that you can access your restaurant's system. From there, your “System Administrator” will have full access to set up further users, and input all the constraints associated with your restaurant to get your restaurant booking platform operational.

Your System Administrator and restaurant staff can be trained by simply signing in or our daily video conference training sessions.

Waitstaff: The WizButler system has intentionally been set up so that user screens look similar to existing restaurant booking systems to simplify and speed up the training of your staff when you migrate to WizButler from another system. For normal users such as waiters to learn how to navigate and use WizButler, we believe a half-day training session is sufficient. This training can be undertaken through video tutorials or video conferencing or by onsite face-to-face training.

WizButler System Administrator: As the WizButler system is so different to all other existing restaurant booking systems Australia with a completely new framework and infrastructure we recommend that your designated system administrator is given time to get familiar with the WizButler system before taking your WizButler system live and training other team members.

No, you do not need any special equipment to use the WizButler system as it is cloud based and all you need is a browser. We recommend the use of Google’s Chrome Browser. We also recommend the use of a 24-inch touch screen for large busy sit-down restaurants that have a formal host station. However, the system is also mobile friendly and can be just as effectively used on an iPad or tablet by a host who does not want to be limited by a fixed reception station.

Online Training Videos : These are available free of charge to all WizButler subscribers.

Live Video Training Conferences: These are daily conferences held during office hours Monday to Friday, where a WizButler trainer interacts and trains your staff. Registration for the course is required at least 2 days before your preferred course day and the course fee is $100 for Australian participants.

Private Video Training Conferences: These can be arranged for any WizButler subscriber by inquiring through our email system. The costs will vary based on the type of training required and the length of the training sought.

Training at our facilities: These can be arranged for any WizButler subscriber by inquiring through our email system. The costs will vary based on the type of training required and the length of the training sought.

Site visit to your restaurant: These can be arranged for any WizButler subscriber by inquiring through our email system. We offer the best restaurant training for restaurant booking software, so the cost varies on the type and length of training sought.

Yes, you can transfer all customer data from your current systems to WizButler as long as you have access to that data and that data is not the “ownership” and proprietary information of your current restaurant table booking app supplier. In the event that your historical data is the “ownership” and proprietary information of your current booking system provider then we suggest that you should leave that supplier as a matter of priority otherwise you will always be at their mercy. Of course, as the WizButler system work uses a completely different framework your restaurant will need to be set-up up using the proprietary WizButler customer framework and information such as the table and table combinations lists currently used by your existing restaurant systems will be completely redundant. As such, the restaurant constraints of your restaurant within your current online restaurant booking system
represent useless and unnecessary information.

Absolutely, WizButler has its own inbuilt system for creating marketing campaigns and specific promotions and the tracking of those events so that you can measure their success. WizButler also has its own analytics tracking so that you can see the source of any booking as well as seeing why booking requests that we started but never completed giving you a powerful analytics platform to compliment or replace Google Analytics.

Yes, with over 18 years experience in operating and running restaurants, cafes, bars, counter service food operations, functions and events for over 1,500 people Peter Petroulas and the WizButler Management team can not only show you how to use the WizButler system to its full potential, they can also help you determine the best strategy for your restaurant, design more efficient kitchen layouts, improve operations,, etc. In fact the WizButler team can help you with any aspect related to your venue and its operations.

No, at present WizButler is the only and the best restaurant booking system in the world that offers the patented Petroulas invention, framework, algorithms and booking methodology. However, other online booking companies are invited to seek integrations to the WizButler system or to license the patented Petroulas inventions.


Simple send us an email and any issues will adress them within 24 hours. If anything is urgent, simply call us, and it will be attended immediately attended to.

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