Success-Dedicated Strategist

The annual fee to have access to a success-dedicated WizButler strategist or project manager is $3,000 per restaurant which will entitle you to a minimum of two dedicated performance reviews and bi-yearly consultations (every six months).

“The present invention represents significant improvements and delivers great benefits to the venue operators”

– The Australian Patent Office

We understand the complexities, difficulties and grind that goes into managing restaurant and hospitality operations. In the same light, we also know how easy it can be to lose sight of the big picture when you are short-staffed or when there’s an equipment breakdown or some other emergency you have to take priority.

For this reason, we see customer success as even more important than customer service, so getting this restaurant online booking system installed for you, training you and getting things working efficiently – we’ll work it all out for you.

For those customers who want that extra level of “appreciation,” we can offer you a success-dedicated WizButler strategist/project manager who can analyse your data in the WizButler system and give you suggestions to improve your performance. This way, you always stay on top of our latest software upgrades and focused on the bigger picture as you continue to develop your plans, strategy and vision for your restaurant.

With all the amazing features and configurable widgets of WizButler, the annual fee of $3,000 to have access to a success-dedicated WizButler strategist/project manager is the best investment you’ll ever have to make for your restaurant.

Simply put, your results are our focus!

Peter Petroulas

Inventor, Innovator and Founder

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