Auto Waitlist & Standby

Completely interactive and automated waitlist and standby processes to optimise and maximise your revenue with minimal cost.

WizButler is the only online restaurant booking system Australia that has different “waitlist” and “standby” options

WizButler treats “Waitlist” and “standby” as two completely different things as they represent two completely different sets of circumstances, and hence are two completely different concepts that most people confuse as being the same thing.

In restaurant terms, “waitlist” refers to a situation before service begins and where a booking customer is not near the venue such that they need to be given a notice when a table becomes available.

While “standby” refers to a situation where a customer is at the restaurant and does not need the notice to accept a table when it becomes available.


Auto Maître D’

Seating customers without a host? That’s made possible with WizButler

WizButler can provide a customer with details of their allocated table with directions on how to find it so that they can seat themselves. A perfect way to manage your tables and ensure that a single person does not sit at a table for 4 or 6 people any deny you revenue when you operate a casual restaurant or café and do not have the luxury of a host.

Walk-in customers can scan a QR code to complete a simple booking process and be allocated a table or allowed to select a table from a set of tables that are the correct size for the booking request.

Booked customers and walk-in customers are also sent links to access menus so customers can also order from their mobile phones providing huge cost savings to venues and increasing revenue through the upselling techniques offered by the ordering app.

Host Seating App

Seating app for mobile phones

Maître D’s don’t want big, chunky iPads and Tablets to carry around with them to be able to greet guests and seat them. That is why we have developed a mobile phone app that has all the functionality required by the most discerning hosts in an easy to use mobile phone application. Old world charm, blending with modern technology in a customer-friendly way.

QR Code Walk-In Bookings

QR Code access for walk-in and standby customers

No need to have a host to cater for walk-in customers or place customers on a stand-by list. Customers can simply scan a QR code on arrival so they can be given a booking and shown their table allocation. If no table is available just yet, they are placed on the standby list and notified when their table is ready autonomously.